Edenton HOA Monthly Newsletter
Edenton Homeowners’ Association Inc.
February 2018

February Board Meeting - The meeting was held at the Paul Horton residence on Monday, 2/19/2018, with the following members present: DeLoyd Larsen, Louis Lemon, John Cederberg, Paul Horton, Daryl Swanson, Bev Morton, and Treasurer, Angie Unruh. Jenny Tricker and Jerrold Sovey could not attend.

January Minutes - The January 2018 minutes were reviewed and there was a motion by Louis Lemon and a second by Dayle Williamson to approve the minutes as circulated. Motion carried.

Treasurer's Report - Annual Account – January income was $14,540.14. Expenditures were $1,144.46.

Townhouse Account - Income for January was $15,603.24, with $4,289.11 in expenditures. There was a motion by John Cederberg and a second by Bev Morton to approve the financial reports. Motion carried.

Bills received prior to the meeting for both the Annual and Townhouse accounts were reviewed. Annual Account bills were $1,150.89 and Townhouse Account bills were $4,124.54. John Cederberg made a motion to pay the bills with a second by Paul Horton. Motion carried. Sixty-nine percent of the homeowners’ have paid their annual dues. For those that have not paid, please mail your check to Treasurer, Angie Unruh, P.O. Box 6653, Lincoln, NE 68506-0653. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Hospitality Committee – Two townhouses have been sold and one additional house is up for sale.

Snow Removal – At the January meeting, improving snow removal in front of drainage areas was discussed. Chairman Larsen followed up with the contractor and with the light snows since that time, excellent improvements have been made. Treasurer Angie Unruh read a congratulatory letter from a resident regarding the excellent work accomplished by the crew. With frequent light snowfall amounts, the question of removal comes in question. The contract calls for removal with snow amounting to 2 inches or above (drifting considered). Every effort will be made to assure safety while continuing to manage snow removal expenditures.

Garage Sale Announcement - The Edenton Annual Garage Sale will be held on Friday May 4 and Saturday May 5, 2018. Board member Bev Morton has again volunteered to manage this community activity. Large signs will be placed at 70th and Glynoaks and 70th and Edenton a week before the event. A $5.00 donation to cover costs of printing and advertising is asked from each sale participant. Make your check payable to the Edenton Homeowners’ Association Inc. and mail it or deliver it to Bev Morton at 7400 Grand Oaks Drive, 68516. Include the following with your payment: your home address and contact phone number, which days you plan to have your sale, a brief list of items you are selling and your e-mail address. For additional information or questions, contact Bev Morton at 402-484-7142 or 402-450-4080. (Okay to leave a message at either number and a text to the last number is acceptable)

Emerald Ash Borer Response – The board reviewed the draft City of Lincoln’s Emerald Ash Borer Response and Recovery plan along with a plan offered by a tree consultant with an option “Beyond the Chain Saw.” The city report reveals that 14,140 of the 112,400 city owned trees are ash. The Nebraska Forest Service also estimates there are 40,000 to 50,000 privately owned ash trees in Lincoln. The Edenton Homeowners’ Association Inc. has 55 ash trees in our commons area. Numerous homeowners in the Association also have ash trees located near their residences. The board plans to be proactive in line with the city draft plan to assure a tree removal “crisis” does not fall on association all at once. Costs could soar and management early on is essential. Two board members will attend the Public Meeting regarding the Emerald Ash Borer plan on March 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm at the Parks and Recreation Office at 3131 “O” Street.

Topic of the Month - A townhouse resident has asked the board to send a reminder – “Please secure your trash can and recycling can lid!” With windy conditions and trash and recycling items placed in containers with open lids or no lids, items are spread around the neighborhood. The resident tells us she has been picking it up, but asks for preventative assistance.i

All townhouse owners are asked to send their insurance declaration sheets (via email or US Mail) to Treasurer, Angie Unruh. This information is kept confidential, but it is important that all "roof mates" of the townhouse have insurance coverage. This is explained in the Revised and Restated Protective Covenants dated 14 March 1991, Article XXV.

Next Meeting - Monday, March 19, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the Daryl Swanson residence.


Dayle Williamson


Board members: Deloyd Larsen, President – Paul Horton, Vice President - Dayle Williamson, Secretary – Angie Paul Unruh – Treasurer (non-member) - John Cederberg –– Louis Lemon - Bev Morton – Jerrold Sovey - Daryl Swanson – Jenny Tricker

P.O. BOX 6653
LINCOLN, NE 68506-0653